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Outsourcing means fast efficient turnover and a competitive edge

An invaluable tool to business growth is outsourcing. It can be used strategically to influence corporate growth and financial stability.

The key is to outsource work which is non-essential or areas where the company lacks expertise. This frees valuable resources which can focus on areas of competitive advantage.

Growth can be enumerated in many ways not just in costs saved.

When you outsource a specific project you save on time and resources spent on training required to complete the project successfully. You can harness the talent, technology, and expertise of niche providers. By outsourcing, you can appoint a consultant or company who has core competencies in the field and can complete the project within the given time. The company saves on hiring permanent employees, training, benefit payments, hidden costs, absenteeism, requirements of workspace, and equipment.

The company focuses on core aspects and transfers the nitty-gritty of non core aspects to outsourced companies. This just means fast and efficient turnover as well as a competitive edge.

Outsourcing is a way to maximize workforce flexibility without the added burdens of permanent financial commitments. One uses highly qualified consultants who can complete a particular project in no time at all.

Time is money and by outsourcing a company saves valuable time which can be channeled productively, leading to growth.

Capital is used efficiently without unnecessary wastage in overheads, office space, technology, and training. Outsourcing spurs growth by providing skilled manpower and increased productivity at lower costs. If the outsourcing is selected intelligently, it leads to tax breaks saving the company thousands of dollars.

Further, business risk is shared by the outsourcing company which will know how to minimize or avoid risk in their area of expertise.

The business world is moving at a fast pace and companies need to provide quick service and low rates. Outsourcing allows a firm to do just this, provides the most advanced technology, efficient service, and low rates.

A company can, by outsourcing certain sectors provide in house support which will not be otherwise possible without expansion. So, one can gain economies of scale, efficiency as well as expanded expertise.

To summarize, growth of a company when outsourcing is adopted can be evinced in:

• Cash flow.

• Emphasis on core competencies and long term value creation.

• Minimization of risks by reliance on experts.

• Using external talent and technologies when essential and keeping overheads small and manageable.

• Infrastructure of large firms without associated burdens of large offices, greater number of permanent employees, and hidden costs of maintenance.

• Improved process and project deliveries.

• Service improvements.

• Technology infusion.

• Little or no capital investments.

• Better project costing.

• Asset conversion.

In the modern world outsourcing is an intelligent way of handling a growing business poised for success in every field. also freelances for Submit free Press Release Site

Marketing with the Internet

Are you fully leveraging the power of the Internet with your marketing efforts?

It’s kind of amazing, but I still meet lots

of small business owners who don’t think the Internet is crucial for their success. “I’m just a small local business. I

don’t think the Internet is necessarily the right place for me to focus my marketing efforts.” I’m still hearing this

sentiment from many a small business owner.

Hey, I was one of those people for almost a year with my own business. And I’ve

set my stall out as a small business marketing guy.

Listen, whether you’re trying to get people’s attention from half-way

around the world or just half-way around the block, you need to consider the power of the Internet. More and more people

are turning to the Internet before (or in lieu of ever) turning to the yellow pages. That’s true even when they’re looking

for things in their own town.

It’s a place where people go to begin gathering information to make a decision. It’s the

place where people prefer to start when someone has made a referral or recommendation. It’s the place people would

generally prefer to go after they’ve met you at a networking event and were interested enough to know more.

The Internet is

not going away. In fact, the trends show us that it’s becoming a more and more integral part of the communication media we

depend on. Anybody notice how interested the cable companies, phone companies, and cell phone service companies have

become in putting out products and services that work with the Internet?

Are you fully leveraging the power of the Internet

with your marketing efforts yet? Do you have a web site? Email newsletter? Blog? Podcast? Vlog?

Does the mere mention of

all these terms intimidate and overwhelm you? Don’t let it.

You don’t have to do all of these things at once. Make this the

year that you begin leveraging the Internet to grow your small business.

But, the power of the Internet is something you

simply can’t ignore if you really want to take your business to great new heights. Make a commitment to learn more about

this powerful, ever changing medium called the Internet. And then pull out your marketing plan and figure out how to make

it fit into your strategy.

Relentless Internet Marketing

The internet is a fantastic place to promote your skills and accomplishments. You can pay a large sum of money by coming up with banner ad or pay per click plans to “get the word out” or you can go the budget way and market yourself smartly without spending nary a dime. I’ll leave the money plans for another article, instead let’s take a look at smart ways for you to promote you or your product online for little or no money!

Who said you have to have a marketing budget to promote yourself? Well, many companies do, but they are in the business to sell you something [namely, their marketing plan]. If you have the money to spend on marketing then go for it. If not, then you must examine cost effective ways to get your name out there. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Write Articles – Yes, just as I am writing this article in hope that you are reading it, you can do the same and submit your missives to leading article directories. A well written article of medium length [500-750 words] can go a long way in attracting interest by others. If you are new to the game, write the article and give it to a friend for their review and critique. Once you make your changes, find article directories you can join and start submitting. Make sure your resource box – the information at the end of the article – effectively pitches your product or you personally. Enjoy the resultant [and free!] links back to your site. Submit on a regular basis and you will reap the added traffic to your site resulting in more business for you.

Join Forums — I run several message board communities and with my two largest ones — the Corporate Flight Attendant Community and the Aviation Employment Board — I permit members to add a link within their signature to their personal or business website. Many of my threads are indexed by Google and picked up by people all over the world. Thus, the right person at the right time can click on a thread and see valuable links to other sites of interest. Not every forum manager permits this practice, however. I guess I am just a nick guy! [wink]

Post on Craig’s List — Craig Newmark started his “list” more than a decade ago to serve the San Francisco community. Years later his site is still going strong with well over one hundred cities across the globe featured. People from Atlanta to Auckland and from Zurich to Zimbabwe now have access to a site that allows them to pitch their products, display their resumes, or sell their very souls. The site is still free unless you are posting a job opportunity or real estate information under a few, select cities.

Your Website — You do have a website, right? Oddly in this day and age I am meeting people who do not. I hear all kinds of excuses: it is too expensive, too time consuming, too difficult, etc. Heck, if you are going to “play” the internet you must be properly equipped to participate. Quit making excuses…find a way to get online and do it today! At the very least your DSL account probably provides a page or two where you can design your personal page and upload it to the internet. Oh, you are still using dial up? Yikes!

As with any marketing campaign you must stay on top of it at all times. What I mean is this: however you choose to proceed, you must continually monitor and adjust your plan to maximize its effectiveness. No going on auto-pilot here: you must take charge of what you are doing to reap the rewards. If you do, you can gain a lot of exposure – and work – without expending a huge amount of money.